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Corundum mullite bowl

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Zhejiang Xiangfa refractory Co., Ltd. is a designated enterprise of state power material supply company and an enterprise of building materials and Metallurgy Industry Association. The enterprise has the right of self import and export operation. It has Xiangfa kiln installation branch, Zhejiang Xiangye refractory Co., Ltd., Xiangfa Refractory Research Institute and refractory test center.

1、 Electric melting mullite cylinder brick, 97-98 electric melting magnesia cylinder brick, chrome corundum cylinder brick, low porosity clay brick, zircon brick, sillimanite brick, etc;

2、 Pyrophyllite brick, aluminum silicon carbide carbon brick, red pillar stone brick, electric furnace top brick, high aluminum brick, corundum brick, SiC brick, various castables, magnesia dry vibrating material, magnesia brick, semi silicon brick for electrolytic cell in aluminum industry, impermeable castable, mullite chrome corundum brick for furnace in iron making industry, etc;

3、 Refractory bricks for building materials industry, cement rotary kiln and lime kiln, castables, silica mullite bricks, magnesia alumina spinel bricks, phosphate bonded high alumina bricks, alkali resistant bricks, etc;

4、 Wear resistant bricks and castables for various boilers, waste incinerators and fluidized bed boilers in power industry.


Zhejiang Xiangfa Refractories Co., Ltd
Main products: chrome corundum brick, zirconium mullite brick, mullite anti-corrosion brick, corundum brick, high alumina brick, silicon carbide brick, pyrophyllite brick, semi silica brick, wear-resistant castable, high strength low cement castable, anti-corrosion castable, self flow castable, plastic castable, and various brands of shaped and unshaped refractories.
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