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Zhejiang Xiangfa Refractories Co., Ltd. is located in Changxing County at the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, next to the 318 National Road in the east of the West Ring Bridge, 8.5km away from the urban area. The company is a designated enterprise of state electric power material supply company, a recommended enterprise of China Petrochemical Industry Refractory insulation materials, and an enterprise of building materials metallurgy industry association. The enterprise has the right of self import and export operation. Xiangfa company has Xiangfa kiln installation branch, Xiangfa Refractory Research Institute, Xiangye refractory Co., Ltd., and refractory test center. The company covers an area of 58000m2, a building area of 43000M2 and fixed assets of more than 90 million yuan. The main production equipment includes: two raw material processing production lines, one full-automatic computer-controlled refractory brick batching production line, eight semi-automatic computer-controlled 400t-500t-600t medium and large refractory brick presses, one full-automatic 500t refractory brick press, two 130m long and 100m long large high temperature tunnel kilns, and one full-automatic computer-controlled unshaped refractory castable production line, There is a semi-automatic production line for unshaped refractory castables and plastic castables, with an annual production of more than 100000 tons of various refractory materials.

The company is one of the largest refractory production enterprises in Zhejiang Province, a key refractory enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and a vice president unit of refractory in Zhejiang Province. The company has successively won the county science and technology leading enterprise, the county science and technology progress award, the demonstration Award, the Zhejiang science and technology progress award, and the gold award granted by the State Building Materials Bureau, State power materials company was rated as advanced supply enterprises and quality trustworthy enterprises; Enterprise credit rating AAA, Huzhou integrity enterprise, Huzhou famous trademark, municipal civilized unit, Zhejiang high-tech characteristic industrial base backbone enterprise, was approved as Zhejiang Spark Technology Service Center; Approved by the Ministry of science and technology as a national Spark plan enterprise. Guided by the market demand, the company constantly develops new technologies and new products, one of which has been rated as a national key new product, and many products have been patented and are applying for patents.

The main products are as follows:

1、 Refractories for electric power, petrochemical, oil refining, chemical fertilizer and chemical industry: (1) all kinds of boiler materials: in 1981, the company cooperated with Luoyang Refractories Research Institute to develop and produce various high-performance wear-resistant castables for fluidized bed boilers and waste incinerators, self flow corundum wear-resistant castables, wear-resistant corundum plastic, high-strength wear-resistant castables, Among them, ba061 high-performance wear-resistant castable and wear-resistant refractory brick have successively passed the provincial technical appraisal, and are in the leading position of similar products in the world. They are listed as national new products. They are designated as wear-resistant linings for fluidized bed boilers, waste incinerators, chemical and oil refining boiler cyclones, separators and other kilns, as well as various pipelines in large cement industry, and have won the praise of users, The company has long cooperated with UCC company to supply refractory bricks and castables for 2008t / h imported boilers in large power plants instead of imported products.

2、 Refractories for lime kiln cement building materials industry: low cement castable, alkali resistant castable, mullite castable, corundum SiC castable, anti peeling high alumina brick, anti caking castable, phosphate bonded high alumina brick, silica mullite brick, alkali resistant brick, various castables, magnesia alumina spinel brick and other products.

3、 Refractories for metallurgy, smelting, iron and steel, copper and foundry industries: ladle brick, corundum brick, silicon carbide products, magnesia brick, magnesia chrome brick, magnesia alumina brick, ladle castable, iron ditch non drying ramming material, magnesia ramming material, magnesia alumina ramming material, dry vibrating material, dry ramming material and gunning material; Magnesium coating, castable for furnace top and casting parts for furnace top; Magnesia carbon brick series; Refractory ceramic gate pipe (instead of flow steel brick); Pyrophyllite brick, pyrophyllite SiC brick, aluminum silicon carbide brick, pyrophyllite silicon carbide brick and high aluminum brick for ladle and hot metal ladle.

4、 Refractories for glass industry: M-75 sintered mullite lattice brick, mt-75 electric melting mullite erosion resistant lattice brick, mt-80 electric melting mullite corundum andalusite lattice brick, mt-85 electric melting mullite corundum andalusite lattice brick, sintered magnesia brick, sillimanite brick, yrs-70 mullite exfoliation resistant high alumina brick, magnesia lattice brick, zircon ramming material, mullite series castables, etc Corundum mullite high-strength wear-resistant castable, corundum steel fiber refractory castable, zirconium hot patching material, zirconium sealing material / ramming material, zirconium fireclay, silicon hot patching material, low porosity clay brick, etc.

Our company has excellent quality of professional construction team to do security, sound after-sales service system; The quality of raw material supply is stable. Excellent product quality and good after-sales service has always been the direction and goal of our company's development. The company insists on careful production and continuous improvement to meet the needs of customers.

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Zhejiang Xiangfa Refractories Co., Ltd
Main products: chrome corundum brick, zirconium mullite brick, mullite anti-corrosion brick, corundum brick, high alumina brick, silicon carbide brick, pyrophyllite brick, semi silica brick, wear-resistant castable, high strength low cement castable, anti-corrosion castable, self flow castable, plastic castable, and various brands of shaped and unshaped refractories.
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